Remap your Caps Lock key to Ctrl for easier Copy & Pasting!

Every OS has apps that allow you to map certain keys on your keyboard to whatever you’d like. I used one to remap the Caps Lock key to be Ctrl, thereby making it much easier to Ctrl-c, Ctrl-p, Ctrl-s, Ctrl-w, etc.

With this simple update, you can hold down Ctrl with your left pinky by moving it one key to the left of the Caps Lock from where it should normally rest on the ‘A’, if you use the home row typing approach that is. To hold down the normal left Ctrl, you have to move your pinky down and to the left and likely rotate your left hand slightly while doing so, and then take time to reposition back after you’ve Ctrl’d.

One drawback of this key remapping is that you lose the Caps Lock key functionality, and so will have to actually hold down shift to type all caps. PERHAPS THAT WILL REDUCE THE URGE TO SCREAM TYPE, and so help make the world a better place.

Another drawback is that whenever you use someone else’s keyboard you’ll be hitting the Caps Lock expecting it to be Ctrl. But both of these drawbacks pale in comparison to the speed boost your copying and pasting will receive!

I think Google was right to replace the Caps Lock with another more useful key, though they should have switched it to be Ctrl instead…